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Access, map and Techical details Golf Soldeu

Getting to Golf Soldeu is very easy. You can get there by car following the CG-2 road, or you can take the L4 bus towards Pas de la Casa. Once you get to Soldeu, all you have to do is head for the gondola lift.

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Golf Soldeu Map

Accesss a Golf Soldeu

Map access


Technical specification


  • Location: Pla d'Espiolets, Soldeu
  • Altitude: 2.250 m
  • Length: 2.590 m
  • Area: 16 hectàrees
  • Perimeter length (pedestrian route): 3,200 m
  • Characteristics: 9 holes - par 33, 1 par 5 (500 m), 4 par 4 and 4 par 3


  • Bunkers
  • 2 water hazards

Driving range (practice area)

  • Practice course
  • Putting greens

Club house

  • Golf School

Equipment hire service


9 Holes, par 33

Golf Soldeu is a golf course whose technical features make it suitable for players of all levels. Thanks to this special design, both professionals and interested amateurs will find plenty of attractions here. The obstacles include bunkers and water hazards to make this course a real challenge.

Hole 1 par 4

  • Short hole with double hazard in the initial stroke. Missing the first shot can mean sending the ball into the water, while achieving a good stroke can make the ball reach one of the two bunkers located on the right side of the fairway.

Hole 2 par 3

  • At first sight it looks easy as it starts with a marked downward slope but the grass bunker located at the centre of the fairway increases the difficulty. The second stroke is the most important as it will probably be played on the slope, with the risk of ending up in one of the two bunkers behind.

Hole 3 par 4

  • This is a short hole with the added difficulty that it must be played on an upward slope. The green is well protected by 4 bunkers and a long slope on the right side of the fairway. A birdie or a double bogey is possible if you try to reach the green in the first stroke.

Hole 4 par 4

  • This is a long upward hole. The difficulty lies in orientating oneself correctly on the tee-off and play in the draw of preference. The fairway bunker and the trees that act as obstacles make this hole even more difficult. A good par if you play with determination.

Hole 5 par 3

  • With a green protected by the water on the right and 2 bunkers on the left, this hole is of average difficulty and higher than the previous.

Hole 6 par 4

  • The bunkers are substituted in this hole by the bases of the mechanical ski facilities, thereby making free drops possible. The attack on the green, narrow and flanked by water, presents great difficulty.

Hole 7 par 3

  • This is a special hole as it runs close to an area of ecological interest. From the tee you can see an immense mountain panorama. A green worked to defend the hole par as it does not facilitate the player’s putting.

Hole 8 par 5

  • With 500 metres, it is the star hole of the course, with a hazard on the first stroke as there is water on the right for lovers of slice. The second stroke appears easier although if you are an expert you can complicate it by attacking the green which is closely defended by 4 bunkers. For the third stroke you must adjust the distance as the green is wide but shallow.

Hole 9 par 3

  • The final stroke is not easy. It can decide the competition and, moreover, the players can be seen from the terrace of the club house. This hole has majestic views.