Infinite activities!

The Mon(t) Màgic in Grandvalira is provided with a leisure and play area where young and old alike can enjoy summer in the mountains to the full.

One of the most exciting activities is the Zip Line, which has 550meters route, becomin g the longest zip line of the Pyrenees. You can also discover the Màgic Gliss mountain slide and the great novelty, the Màgic Gliss 3D Experience, a virtual reality experience.

The Fornatura Circuit leads you to discover flora and fauna in the area, awakening all five senses. Not only that, but the park has an area of attractions in the heart of nature with plenty of fun things to do. 

To make any activity at the Mon(t) Magic it is compulsory to buy the Pedestrian's Pass.




Magic gliss 3D experience


(from 6 years old)

This year, let yourself be amazed by a VIRTUAL REALITY experience! On the Màgic Gliss mountain slide, which is 555 m. of descent and 180 m. uphill, you will enjoy a diferent reality! To realice this activity, two people must go in the same wagon and only one of them can use the virtual reality glasses (maximum joint weight 140kg).

Magic gliss

(from 3 years old)

A mountain slide with 555 m of downhill and 180 m of climb, where adults and children can enjoy entertainment at more than 40 km/h.

Children from 3 to 8 must be accompanied by an adult, as well as those of 8 years if their height does not exceed or equal 135 cm. 



(from 7 years old)

Sessions lasting 1 h 30 with experienced beekeepers, walking among the beehives with explanations of the honey-making process. 



(20 kg and over)

The longest in the Pyrenees, a 550-metre ride from Els Planells del Forn to Lake Forn.


(from 3 years old)

A chance to discover this sport whilst enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. An ideal family activity, as young and old alike can all join the same game.

Water scooters and canoes

(Minimum height 90 cm)

Enjoy Lake Forn in a really different way, on water skates or two fun boats, ideal for the whole family.

Pedal cars circuit

(Minimum height 125 cm)

A circuit with pedals cars that enables children to enjoy driving their own car.


(Minimum height 90 cm)

What could be more fun than leaping higher and higher on a trampoline?


(Minimum height 112 cm)

Have fun jumping onto the new Bigairbag from different levels and try to do tricks without running the slightest risk.


(Minimum height 90 cm)

Trampolines with elastic bungee cords allow you to jump almost high as the mountains.


(from 6 years old)

Mountain sledges on wheels, pulled by dogs.

From 15 July to 6 September.


(all ages)

A nature trail to discover the local flora and fauna, using all the senses. Approximate duration: 40 minutes. Visitors can enjoy the circuit freely or accompanied by a guide.

Path of legend

(All ages)

Meet and discover the magical beings of Mon(t) Magic, based on the legends of Andorra.

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