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If you’re thinking of spending the summer with your family, in the heart of the mountains and with loads of activities, Family Park Canillo is the ideal destination! Children’s play area with slides, mini-golf, bouncy castles, trampolines, acrojump and, this season, with MÀGIC GLISS, a new toboggan which can reach 40 km/h. You can enjoy yourself with archery, tubing, devalkart, poney rides, arapahoe (mountain scooters pulled by dogs), pedalos, canoes and much more.

On the Fornatura route, you will discover the fauna and flora of the area using all your senses, with the possibility of taking a guided tour with our shepherd and his dog.

And, as it's traditional, jump with the zip-wire with an exciting tour going from Planells del Forn to the Forn. Will you miss out?



Date opening*
June 22, 2019


Date closing*
September 15, 2019


From 10 a.m to 6 p.m (from 22 June to 28 July)
From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m (from 29 July to 18 August)
From 10 a.m to 7 p.m (from 19 August to 15 September)

*Fechas apertura y cierre sujetas a posibles variaciones.

Infinite activities!

The Mon(t) Màgic in Grandvalira is provided with a leisure and play area where young and old alike can enjoy summer in the mountains to the full.

One of the most exciting activities is the Zip Line, which has 550meters route, becomin g the longest zip line of the Pyrenees. During the descent, speeds up the 80km/h with a height of 40 meters from where enjoing the best views over the valley.

The Fornatura Circuit leads you to discover flora and fauna in the area, awakening all five senses. Not only that, but the park has an area of attractions in the heart of nature with plenty of fun things to do. Younger visitors can enjoy the play area, with slides, catwalks, hanging bridges and lots more, as well as inflatable castles, a ball pool and an open-air playground where they can enjoy, for instance, giant-sized traditional board games.



(from 3 years old)


A toboggan of 555 m of downhill and 180 m of climb, where adults and children can enjoy entertainment at more than 40 km/h.



The second longest in the Pyrenees, a 550-metre ride from Els Planells del Forn to Lake Forn.



(3 - 13 years old)

Canillo has an exclusive open-air children’s play area with lots of activities to enjoy: slides, footbridges, hanging bridges, bouncy castles, giant board games.



(from 3 years old)

A chance to discover this sport whilst enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings. An ideal family activity, as young and old alike can all join the same game.



( children from 3 years, accompanied by an adult )

Enjoy Lake Forn in a really different way, on water skates or two fun boats, ideal for all the family.



(from 3 years old)

A fast, daring descent along a track on an inflatable doughnut at El Pla del Forn de Canillo.



(3 to 5 years old)

A circuit with electric vehicles that enables children to enjoy driving their own car.



(3 to 5 years old)

What could be more fun than leaping higher and higher on a trampoline?



(from 6 years old)

Have fun jumping onto the new BigairBag from different levels and try to do unthinkable tricks without running the slightest risk.



(from 3 years old)

Trampolines with elastic bungee cords allow you to jump almost high as the mountains.



(from 6 years old)

Mountain sledges on wheels, pulled by dogs.



(from 6 years old)

Our monitors will give you all the necessary technical instructions to enable you to enjoy this sport to the full.



(from 14 years old)

The thrill of speeding along on these fantastic engineless go-karts.



(all ages)

A nature trail to discover the local flora and fauna, using all the senses. Approximate duration: 40 minutes. Visitors can enjoy the circuit freely or accompanied by a guide.



Poney rides along El Forn area with an approximate duration of 10 minutes.





The activities rates does NOT include the pedestrian pass for the Canilllo gondola lift.

Prices 2019

PEDESTRIAN PASS Senior (+65 years) Adults (+18 years) Junior (from12 to 17 years) Children  (from 6 to11 years) Buy
PVP Online discount PVP Online discount PVP Online discount PVP Online discount
Pedestrian Pass 8,50 € 8,00 € 12,50 € 12,00 € 12,50 € 12,00 € 8,00 €    7,50 € Online
Baby Pass (0-5 years)   FREE
Pedestrian Pass Summer Season 80 €  


The pedestrian pass in used for an ascent on the TC8 Canillo and the TC8 Soldeu on the day.

Free pedestrian pass presenting your Grandvalira Season Ski Pass 18-19 in lockers.


ACTIVITY Duration Age permitted Price per person
MINIGOLF 1 Free 3 Circuit from 3 years old Free
INFLATABLE - from 3 years old Free
FORNATURA 2 Circuit all ages Free
MON(T) MAGIC PATH OF LEGEND Route all ages Free
TUBBING Basics 3 descents from 3 years old 6,00 €
ELECTRIC VEHICLES 5 minutes between 3 and 5 years old 6,00 €
TRAMPOLINE 5 minutes from 3 years old 6,00 €
ACROJUMP 5 minutes from 3 years old 6,00 €
BIGAIRBAG 3 jumps from 6 years old 6,00 €
ARCHERY 1 round from 6 years old 6,00 €
BEEKEEPING ADULT / JUNIOR7 New Days: Saturdays in July and until 17 August. Duration: 2 hours. Minimum 4 pax and maximum 10 pax. from 12 years old 12,00 €
BEEKEEPING CHILDREN7 from 7 years old 7,00 €
PONEY RIDES Specifics 10 minutes max. weight 50 kg 7,50 €
KAYAKS, CANOES, pedalo (Children with adults)6 30 minutes from 3 years old 10,00 €
DEVALKART 2 descents from 14 years old 10,00 €
ARAPAHOE 1 turn from 6 years old 17,00 €
BEEKEEPING ADULT / JUNIOR7 New Days: Saturdays in July and until 17 August. Duration: 2 hours. Minimum 4 pax and maximum 10 pax. from 12 years old 12,00 €
BEEKEEPING CHILDREN7 from 7 years old 10,00 €
ADULT BRACELET (+18 years) Bracelet Kayak, canoe, 1 descent Màgic Gliss, acrojump, archery, Devalkart and BigairBag. 29,00 €
JUNIOR BRACELET (from 12 to 17 years) Kayak, canoe, 1 descent Màgic Gliss, tubbing, trampoline, acrojump, archery and BigairBag. 23,00 €
CHILD BRACELET (from 3 to 11 years) Kayak, canoe, 1 descent Màgic Gliss (accompanied by an adult), tubbing, trampoline, acrojump, electric vehicles. 17,00 €


ACTIVITY4 Duration Age permitted Price Buy
MÀGIC GLISS Individual Màgic Gliss  3 descents + 8 years, height + 135cm 10,00 € Online
MÀGIC GLISS Tandem 3 descents from 3 to 8 years accompanied by an adult 12,00 €
ZIPLINE (seated) Zipline 1 Descent min. weight 35 kg 15,00 € Online
ZIPLINE (horitzontal) 1 Descent min. weight 50 kg 20,00 €
ZIPLINE TANDEM (seated) 3 1 Descent total weight max.130 kg 25,00 €

The activities rates does NOT include the pedestrian pass for the Canilllo gondola lift.

Deposit of €1 per boat required..
Free guided tours are organised on specific days.
Minimum combined weight 80kg and maximun 130kg; child weight between 20 and 35kg.
The activities rates does NOT include the pedestrian pass for the Canilllo gondola lift.
Màgic Gliss children: 8 years accompanied by an adult. Minimum height + 8 years + 135cm.
6 Children accompanied by an adult
7Beekeeping: Direct sale at the station, ticket offices and information point. On request. Available hours: 10h30 - 12h30 / 13h - 15h.
For the purchase of any product (pass or activity) you will receive a free child ticket for the ice rink of the Canillo Palau de Gel.
Clients of the Palau de GelFree entrance to the Mon(t) Magic Family Park (children's or junior's passport or bracelet) for the purchase of an adult ticket (adult passport + bracelet). Valid for children from 3 to 13 years, not applicable from August 1 to 15. More information at the Palau de Gel box office.


ADRENALINE PACK* + 12 years  (min. weight 35 kg +135 cm) Pack + Pedestrian Zipline seated 1 descent, Màgic Gliss 3 descents, BigairBag 3 jumps, Pedestrian Pass. 35,00 € Online
FAMILY PACK* 1 Adult + 1 Children from 6 to 11 years Màgic Gliss Tandem 3 descents5, Kayac 2 pax, Archery 2 pax, BigairBag 2 pax. 3 jumps, Pedestrian Pass. 55,00 €

Pack available only when purchased online.



Gondola Canillo // TC8 Canillo


From 10:00am to 6pm




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