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The Grandvalira application, a benchmark in the world of snow with 90,000 active users, new functionalities are being launched such as online reservations at the resort's restaurants. The most valued feature of the app is that it has an audioguide and the option of looking at a map of the resort without needing an internet connection. It also records your skiing days with the tracker and shows you how many kilometres you ski per day, the most downhill slopes and how long you have been active. 

App news

The Grandvalira app, renowned within the skiing world, has 90,000 active users.

In order to maintain the spirit of constant improvement for which Grandvalira is well-known, new functions have been added to the app, increasing its usability:


  • Augmented reality added to the browser – this offers a new way to view the numerous points of interest that appearsuperimposed onto the image captured by the device. This function can also be used offline.
  • Virtual challenges – a series of virtual challenges will be designed which are linked to the user’s activities on the slopes, allowing them to win medals and get the recognition of the Grandvalira community.
  • User QR identification code – the My GrandSki menu features a personal, non-transferable QR code for each customer to use the various points of sale and obtain special discounts. 
  • Improvements made to the sharing of 3D videos of the tracks on social media – the time needed for a user to download 3D videos of the tracks has been reduced, with a new option to share them directly on Instagram introduced.
  • Inclusion of the profile of each ski run on the map to show where it is steepest – when accessing the 2D map and clicking on a slope, a graphic display shows the profile of the slope.
  • Time positioning of the skier on the ski run – using the device’s GPS, the user can see exactly where they are on the slope

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And in addition

  •  Stay up to date in real time about the state of the slopes and check the weather report.
  •  Access the resort’s webcams.
  •  Book your stay and enjoy exclusive promotions and special offers.
  •  Discover the GPS navigator and locate all the services you need.
  •  Track your performance, and analyse and share it. You could win one of the great prizes!
  •  Create your My Grandvalira account, with your unique ID, to access the resort’s different platforms.


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For your interest ...

  • Pessons Restaurant
    Dishes such as escudella and trinxat, rice dishes featuring local produce and meat dishes of the very highest quality.
  • Ski Pass Plus +
    15% discount per day on the price of the ski pass
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