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29/08/2022 - 12:30

Grandvalira Soldeu – El Tarter is awarded the Green Light seal by FEDA, certifying it is 100% powered by renewable energy

Grandvalira - ENSISA is the first company in Andorra to obtain the certificate, proving once again its commitment to sustainability and the environment.


Grandvalira Soldeu - El Tarter is the first company in Andorra to certify that the electrical energy it consumes is entirely renewable and originates from a hydroelectric power plant owned by Andorra’s electric utility company (FEDA, Forces Elèctriques Andorranes). This morning, FEDA’s Director General, Albert Moles, has delivered the Green Light seal to David Hidalgo, CEO of Grandvalira - ENSISA. With this distinction, the skiable domain can showcase its excellence in yet another initiative promoting sustainability and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

The event was attended by Sílvia Calvó, the Minister for Environment, Agriculture and Sustainability of the Government of Andorra, who acknowledged ENSISA's dedication to sustainability and the commitment it has shown by certifying 100% of the energy it consumes. The Minister also highlighted how the company will act as trailblazer with its renewable energy certification by showing other companies in the country how they reduce their environmental footprint. 

FEDA’s General Director, Albert Moles, has stressed the importance of ski resorts pioneering energy transition and the need to reduce CO2 emissions. Moles also mentioned how the sustainability efforts fostered by the collaboration between FEDA and Grandvalira - ENSISA emerged from the Andorra 2027 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships candidacy. Indeed, ENSISA was seeking to purchase clean energy before the certification was introduced and this occasion was a major boost in furthering the initiative. 

Moles also highlighted, in light of the current energy situation, that the energy transition calls for FEDA to prioritise energy savings and increase domestic electricity production. Private companies can also contribute to this strategy by using renewable energy to foster sustainability and reduce CO2 emissions.

The Green Light seal distinguishes companies with a certification issued by FEDA and attests 100% of the electricity they consume. The seal is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. With a 100% share of energy consumed from renewable sources, CO2 emissions are greatly reduced and Grandvalira Soldeu - El Tarter has slashed its carbon footprint by approximately 50%.


Grandvalira - ENSISA's commitment to sustainability and respect for the local environment is manifest with each passing day. Regulations are in line with society’s demands. Admittedly, David Hidalgo, CEO of Grandvalira - ENSISA, emphasises that “this is a highly significant step for us and a display of responsible conduct by the company’s employees, in line with our efforts over the last 20 years”. Hidalgo also highlighted Soldeu - El Tarter’s commitment to energy efficiency and stressed the fact that “we need to make the utmost effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and large companies must be involved, especially considering their effect on consumption and the fact that they set an example”. 


Andorra 2029 candidacy

Hidalgo also emphasised that the care for the environment, the promotion of sustainability and environmental protection are indissolubly linked to the Andorra 2029 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships candidacy and FEDA’s strategic priorities. Andorra’s Master Plan for the candidacy is aligned with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted by the United Nations and the memorandum of understanding with FEDA, which includes actions aimed at minimising environmental impact and promoting social wellbeing. These environmentally responsible actions aim to leave a legacy that will guide Andorra towards a long-term sustainable model by involving its citizens and the companies in this prime Pyrenean area. 


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